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All Around Fitness Fredericksburg, Virginia

I’ve been working out with my personal trainer, Franklin, with All Around Fitness. The sessions have been remote. And to be honest, I think our online sessions are just as good as if we had been in person! His workouts are fun and motivating. You can tell Franklin truly enjoys working with people and helping them get results. Highly recommended!

Fati M.

My husband & I worked with Franklin for the past 5 months; it has been hard, rewarding & just downright hilarious, yes hilarious. We’re both out of shape 60 yr olds, who had been very active with H20 & snow skiing, kayaking, swimming & just general fun. But he had to bouts with cancer, I had a hip replacement & injured my knee with a bad fall last year so we were down to paddling flatwater creeks & rivers. I tried to ski last year but my arms were to weak to hold onto the rope -- this year-- up on the first try. I ran into a friend yesterday who asked what I was doing because she noticed I wasn’t limping any more? For me total success. What is hilarious about working with Franklin, well we’re the same age so it’s not intimidating & he coaches Gerry through his lack of coordination and puts up with my whining & the whining of the 3 dogs who usually are in the room or pool with us while we’re trying to work out. Now these are not little dogs; try doing pushups with a Dane or Shepherd nose to nose with you or doing lunges in the pool with the lab circling you because he thinks you’re in trouble.

Jean R.

Franklin/All Around Fitness has been a huge blessing in my life! About 6 months prior to leaving for an intensive military training program I started working with Franklin wanting to arrive physically prepared. I was glad I did; He got me in the best shape of my life and I excelled in the course with my fitness never holding me back. What I liked about him was his holistic approach using many functional movements & exercises that I've never done before. I can expect all of his workouts to challenge me to the core pushing me to my own personal envelope. He also impressed upon me the importance of nutrition and how it goes hand in hand with performance: I took a hard look at foods I was eating assessing whether they were helping or hurting (mostly the latter!).

Fast forward to today - I'm back in the area and began working with him again. He's made a huge improvement in my overall fitness and I continue to work with him setting new goals that I look forward to achieving with his help. I whole heartedly endorse Franklin & their services.

If you are looking for a physical change and want to challenge yourself they are gonna help lead you through the hard days and provide accountability if you go off track! I highly recommend them!

Phillip S.

I started working with Franklin and Katie a little over a week ago and so far everything has been great! Both Franklin and Katie are very friendly and fun. I explained to Franklin what I wanted to achieved and he went over all the steps with me. I train with Katie and she always makes sure I'm comfortable and like what we are doing. If you are looking for a personal trainer, look no further! I definitely recommend Franklin and his team.

Maria H.

Franklin and Katie are both very flexible and easy to coordinate and communicate with! Exactly what I need with my schedule.

Brooke C.

Mr. Timms knows his business and is sincere in wanting to help you. Franklin is thorough and asks the right questions so he is aware of your goal and objective. As a "senior" I feel confident that the AAF team will challenge me recognizing my current abilities and help me in my quest for stamina and strength.

Bev H.

Franklin is always willing to work with me and my crazy schedule. His fees are very reasonable and he works hard to come up with a plan that works for the individual.

Jami M.

I've been working out with Franklin for several months now I couldn't be happier! Franklin is very supportive and motivating. He will challenge you to push yourself and do things you didn't know you could do. Franklin is not your typical mean trainer. He actually makes working out a fun and rewarding experience. If you're looking for a personal trainer, look not further! I definitely recommend All Around Fitness. He will make you reach your fitness goals, regardless of what they are.

Maria H

Franklin, with All Around Fitness, is a very patient and knowledgeable personal trainer. He seems to push me hard enough to get amazing results while keeping the workouts fun. The best part is that he does in-home personal training so that helps me stay more accountable to making progress.

Jeannette H.

I had a wonderful experience with my personal trainer this morning. I’m extremely motivated with his techniques. I’m looking forward working with him through the summer.

John D.

This has been an amazing personal training experience! I have nothing negative to say and am loving our sessions so far!

Madeleine W.

Franklin was my first personal trainer and did not disappoint. He knows his clients’ limits. With maximum calorie burn, he knew exactly how to push me without overdoing it. Not only was I losing weight, but I was feeling better, and my energy level increased. He continued to encourage me and stay positive. And, he always beat me to our sessions! He’s definitely an early bird and ready to go. I couldn’t have achieved my weight loss without you, Franklin!

Casie W.

Training with Franklin at his previous fitness facility has been a truly rewarding experience for me. Franklin pushed me, motivated me and encouraged me to succeed. My stats below speak volumes of his training. 

Total Weight Lost: 24.2 lb (17.2 lb from Fat)

Total Inches Lost: 10.9 in (3.25 inches lost in hips!)

Total Body Fat % Lost: 8.5% 

Mile Time Improvement: 3 minutes

Thanks to Franklin and everyone at his previous fitness facility for helping me achieve my goals and living a healthier lifestyle.


Wonderful Experience

Franklin is a very knowledgeable, excellent personal trainer! Through varied exercise regimens,

he helped me maintain my motivation and achieve my goals of core strengthening and building muscle mass.


Incredible Trainer

Playing sports most of my life, and still playing sand volleyball, flag football, and running in my adulthood, it's safe to say I have always been pretty active. However, as most adults, I wasn't in the shape that I used to be in. Franklin helped me to work out every muscle group. I have never been as strong or as cut as I was when I was being trained by Franklin. He instantly could recognize my strengths and weaknesses and was able to gear my workouts to best suit me. He pushed me when I thought I couldn't be pushed any further. Franklin is an excellent trainer, not only will he make you stronger, but you'll have fun doing it!


Helped Get the Baby Fat Off!

I have been having children it has been harder to lose body fat. As I tried to get back into shape, I realized that I needed direction, accountability. But I wasn't pushing myself like I needed to. To meet my goals, I found working with a personal trainer, like Franklin, was what I needed to meet my weight loss goals.Franklin is an excellent personal trainer. He motivates and pushes you with encouragement to succeed. Franklin pushed me to achieve my weight loss goals and then some. I developed muscles I didn't know I had and I loved it. I would not have become as strong as I have if it weren't for him pushing and motivating me to exceed my personal weight loss goals.


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